Nick Trachte’s gritty Boxwerk gym (Maxvorstadt) is a throbbing testament to his full-throttle passion for boxing culture. Open daily except Sundays – check online for open classes, private lessons and workouts. Not quite as deep-diving but always a good time are the circuit workout sessions by our good friends from Time To Shine. Lenz, Desi and co. will make you sweat like the C&C Music Factory (wink wink) – and make sure the hour is over before you know it. Watch out, TTS tend to switch locations every couple of months (which keeps things hype), so make sure to check their website. Good peoples! Also peep Mariposa Boxing Club by Timmy – the dude behind BRRRP! We have not been to his new gym but word on the street is: it’s all that and then some.

Schwindstraße 5, Maxvorstadt,,,
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